New video: All-Star Blitz from Shumatsucon

The first two parts have been available on my Vidme page for a few weeks. Here’s the whole show in its entirety on Youtube:

I will be uploading the first half of Play Your Cards Right from Tsubasacon later tonight on Vidme…make sure to follow me there, as I’m over halfway to the requisite number of followers to certify my channel! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


Chris Ayres fundraiser

Longtime friend of Greggo’s Game Shows and frequent panelist, voice actor Chris Ayres, voice of Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, is in dire need due to C.O.P.D.

First and foremost, if you can contribute directly, head here:

I’m going to link all the videos from my channel that feature Chris as a guest. I’ll contribute 20x all the Youtube funds I earn from views from these videos for the next thirty days. So if you can’t contribute directly, please go to these videos and watch the ads. Every little bit helps.


November update

Short and sweet for this month, as there’s not a whole lot to talk about.

I’m up to 20 followers on Vidme. I really need this number to get up to 50 so I can submit to become verified. If you haven’t yet, please take a look. New videos will live here for the first two weeks of their existence.

Speaking of video, the final part of Blitz from Shumatsucon should go up once I’m back from helping Nessa at Youmacon this weekend.

I have no new convention invitations to report, although I am in talks with two cons that I hope to hear back from soon. One’s a con I’ve done before. One would be new for me, and is in an area where I haven’t hosted game shows in well over a decade.

As always, if you’d like to see my game shows at a convention near you, tell them to invite me! A few requests go a long way to a con gauging interest, and I’d love to be able to continue doing this long past 2018!

Love to all. Hope to see some of you in Detroit this weekend.

New video: All-Star Blitz from Shumatsucon 2017

Here’s my first piece of new content in a while, and the first content that’s new to my channel on Vidme. Going forward, new video content will be exclusive to Vidme for two weeks before going to Youtube.

That being said, here’s All-Star Blitz from Shumatsucon:

I currently have a 20-minute and 3GB posting limit on Vidme, so will have to break the video into parts for now. If I can get to 50 subscribers I can apply to be a certified channel, so you should probably subscribe to me there if you’d like to see full-length videos and more of them!

Thanks as always!


Tsubasacon: Play Your Cards Right

Hello, everyone!

Tsubasacon is this weekend! One of the games we’re playing is Play Your Cards Right, but we still need folks to take the surveys for the game! If you have a few free moments, would you kindly head to these links and answer a few simple yes or no questions?

If you’ve ever attended a convention before:

If you’re an anime fan:

And finally, if you play video games on a regular basis:

Thanks so much! Hope to see many of you this weekend!

October update

Lots of new things to talk about here.

Patreon has been changed from “per month” to “per video,” as promised. All current Patrons whose payments have successfully processed for last month have been advised to update their pledges.

I’ve added a new page that you can access from the menu called “Next uploads.” From here you can see what the next scheduled Youtube upload will be, as well as a list of contribution incentives. If you’d like to contribute towards one of those incentives, head to my Help page here, make a contribution, and let me know which incentive you’re contributing towards. Once it hits its goal, it will be put into the queue. As a reminder from Friday’s post, videos of game shows parodying a show currently airing on television will not be monetized and will only be considered via this contribution incentive.

With these changes, it’s going to be more difficult to project how things are going for 2018, since I really can’t track Patreon or contributions until we click over to 2018. I will mention that I have had no new invitations over the past month, so I’m still sitting at 46% of what I will need to earn from conventions in order to continue past next year.

I currently have 11 confirmed convention invitations for 2018:

Anime-Zap! (Peoria, IL)
Kami-Con (Birmingham, AL)
Kanpai!Con (Omaha, NE)
Con Nooga (Chattanooga, TN)
JAMPCon (Chattanooga, TN)
Zenkaikon (Lancaster, PA)
AniMinneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)
Anime Midwest (Chicago, IL)
Anime-Zing (Davenport, IA)
Metacon (Minneapolis, MN)
Tsubasacon (Huntington, WV)

Hopefully I’ll have better news for you next month. Remember, if you represent a convention and would like to have me do game shows for you, shoot me an email here!

Thanks as always!

What’s up with Greggo’s Game Shows?

Hello, everyone!

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s not been a terribly large amount going on online lately with me (especially where Youtube is concerned).  Tonight I’m going to talk a bit as to why that’s happened, talk about something exciting, and talk about different directions I’ll be taking going forward. All in one hopefully not too long post.

My last upload was back on July 11th, almost three months ago. For those of you who primarily see me via Youtube, I apologize for the lack of content. I really don’t have much of an excuse other than “the work involved putting up new videos was something that I didn’t do because I was doing other things instead.” Mainly working at the part-time job, being at conventions, or getting oral surgery.  With all that going on plus the need for at least a day or two a week not working on things, there just hasn’t been time for video.  Or motivation, especially recently with the Youtube strike (and also a demonetization of another video this week).

My next upload…I can’t say when. I have plenty of videos ready to edit together, but after a conversation I had with one of the masterminds behind another online interactivity hub, I’m going to start shifting focus away from Youtube.

As a result, starting with October, I’m switching my Patreon model back to “per video” as it originally was. I know some of you support me solely for my online content and don’t ever see me at conventions. This way if I go a month without uploading anything, you won’t be charged. If you still would like to help during such months, my Ko-fi link is one of many ways in which you can. I’ve messaged all of you who support me on Patreon already to let you know about the change; here I’ve explained why.

I had an hour long conversation with Bryce Papenbrook today about providing content for a new app he’s helped to launch called Unlocked. Many of you who follow me have the app and/or follow their Facebook group. Based on our conversation, I feel like that’s really where the majority of my anime game show content should go, and by the end of the year I will hopefully be able and ready to start providing content there on a much more regular basis than I have on Youtube.

Speaking of Youtube, I have not and don’t plan on abandoning it; however, the revenue I get from it is all but insignificant, and at any moment a company whose games I’m parodying could do the same thing that was done to my video last week, and that would then be the end of that channel. Therefore, around the first of next year, I will be completely demonetizing the channel (I’m waiting until I hit the next payment threshold which at the current rate of views will likely take until February).

So what’s going to happen with Youtube? It’s been suggested that I keep Unlocked content exclusive. As Unlocked focuses primarily on interactions between voice actors and other personalities and their fans, new episodes of Know Your Role will likely be moving over there.  A lot of my original games (with a theme song changed here or there) will probably have new episodes over there as well.  For Youtube, it’ll be business as usual in regards to uploading homages to current/past game shows.  In order to curb Youtube strikes, any new game show upload that is an homage of something that can currently be seen on television (including Buzzr! or GSN) will not be monetized. Those games will also be contribution-incentive only and will only be considered if certain Patreon numbers are reached.

Here is a list of games that will not be affected that would be considered for upload without incentive (and will still be monetized until the channel goes “free” next year):

All-Star Blitz
Hit Man
Play Your Cards Right
The Joker’s Wild
Three on a Match
Tic Tac Dough

Here is a list of games that will not be monetized and that would be considered for upload on contribution incentive:

Anime Press Your Luck
Anime Price is Right
Celebrity Family Feud
Chain Reaction
Match Game
Panel Quiz Attack 25
Sale of the Century
Wheel of Fortune

And finally, here’s a list of games that are being stockpiled for potential release on Unlocked:

Face Off
Know Your Role

“Classic” Pokémon Game Show and Stop the Music! will no longer be uploaded due to the increased possibility of Youtube strikes.

I will also start development on “de-asseted” versions of game shows with game play similar to existing games but with none of the copyrighted material or trademarks included in the broadcast. This particular announcement is going to stick in the craw of many of you who are game show “purists;” however, should there come a time where a company decides to bring the hammer down, these “de-asseted” versions and original formats will be all I’ll be able to produce.

Thanks for reading. I will have another update for you all on October 1st in regards to how 2018 is looking (spoiler alert: not great).

And as always, thanks so much for your support.