More Match Game from AnimeFEST!

Here’s our second game from Dallas! Enjoy all the BLANKing around!

Before I head to Akaicon this weekend, you’ll get to see a Pokémon Game Show where, despite the game having been done more than seventy times at this point, had something happen for the very first time!


New video: Match Game from Ikasucon

Here’s the first of four uploads of Match Game videos! This one’s from Ikasucon and features voice actors Austin Tindle, Blake Shepard and Aaron Roberts among our cavalcade of stars!

The second part of this game and a whole other Match Game show are on the docket by Friday’s end, so stay tuned!

New video: Password from Yoi-Con

Here’s our second monthly upload: Password from Yoi-Con in Columbus!

This show features a very young contestant (the youngest in Password history) who is very nervous, and also the first time on the show for guests Daman Mills (Pokémon) and Caitlynn French (No Game No Life, Cross Ange).

One more upload for this month thanks to the generous folks on Patreon, and you’ll likely see it on Thursday or Friday!