New software in the Etsy shop: Three on a Match

I’ve decided to release Three on a Match a day early because well…we’re all at home anyway, right?

As per usual on big new releases, this will be 20% off through its first weekend…so through Sunday, April 12th.

Thanks as always! This weekend I’ll be highlighting some Three on a Match games from years past in case you’ve forgotten how the game is played!


New software available April 10th: Three on a Match

Thanks to the request of a frequent customer (and a lot of free time on my hands), Three on a Match software will be available in the Etsy shop beginning Friday, April 10th. The retail price will be $59.99, but as with all major releases now, it will be available at a 20% discount through its first weekend of release (and will be included in the current “Virtual Con” sale afterwards at a 15% discount).