Presenting: Greggo’s Game Shows Feast of Favorites 2016!

Hello, everyone!

Last year over the Christmas/New Year’s period I uploaded four episodes of Jeopardy! Perhaps you saw them, perhaps you didn’t. I decided to repeat this marathon madness again this year, but make it one holiday sooner! From Friday until Sunday night, keep an eye on this post, as it will eventually include four heaping helpings of Press Your Luck!

First up, here’s our show from Anime St. Louis this year. Enjoy!

Next, here’s the game from this year’s AkaiCon, with one of the more interesting first rounds we’ve had in a while!

And finally, here’s our show from Anime Blast Chattanooga earlier this month!


Bad news: External hard drive failure

Really sad to report this, but one of my external hard drives bit the dust today. The sounds coming from it tell me it’s likely a mechanical issue with the drive itself. ┬áIf that turns out to be the problem, I’ve lost a lot of pre-edited footage. Basically everything from one camera for every show I’ve filmed over the past two years, and a lot of other footage from the same time frame.

If it’s the sort of issue that Best Buy Geek Squad (as an example) charges $1500 to fix, then that footage is just going to have to be lost.

I can complete Tic Tac Dough’s edit, as I had already converted everything I needed there and that footage is on my main PC drive, and I believe Tsubasacon’s Wheel of Fortune should be good to go as well, since the camera whose footage got moved over was already dead before we filmed that one.

Going forward, I will look at what footage I have available to see if there are any other videos that are feasible, but chances are after Tic Tac and Wheel I’m going to be unable to put up anything other than newly-shot game show videos.

I will be reaching out to see if any tech-savvy friends might want to take a stab at it. If that’s you, let me know.