Scrabble debut next weekend

Thanks to our friends at Home Game Entertainment, next weekend at Colorado Anime Fest we’ll be producing the first of a six-episode series of Scrabble, an anime-themed version of the 80s television crossword game show.

I’ll be doing my best to capture the look and feel of the original game show in the videos (all six episodes should go online, mainly as Patreon uploads) as much as possible. This is a game I’ve always enjoyed and I decided to license HGE’s software as a sort of love letter to the game show fans. Even though my primary target is the live convention audience, I hope in some way that those of you who are mainly just fans of game shows will see something to enjoy here.

One change I’m making is in keeping up with how times have changed since Scrabble’s original eighties broadcast. In order to respect gender inclusiveness, I will not be doing the “He’s a…She’s a…” bit in the opening introductions of contestants. I have had nonbinary contestants on my show before, and therefore I will be replacing the opening with “One’s a…one’s a…” This will also allow me not to have to put someone on the show just to fulfill the “man versus woman” matches that the show always utilized. If the two best contestants happen to be of the same gender, so be it.

Conventions more and more are becoming less heteronormative, and therefore I’m going to be making an honest effort to provide entertainment that is all-inclusive, showing respect for everyone.  Please enjoy Scrabble next weekend. I hope to see you in Denver!


Good news on the video front

Thought I’d pop in and give you an update on video.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve put together an editing team that have agreed to work on my Youtube videos going forward. When I can, I will still edit video myself, but this way I can ensure that you guys will get to see more videos more quickly. My most recent upload, Farkle from Anime-Zap!, was edited by Kidd and Annie of Vitamin H, one part of my editing team.

I am paying these editors to do the videos, so as a result, I’m going to have to increase the ask for each video so that I can feel good with what I’m paying. Each of my editors understands that I’m not making a ton of money, and they’re not expecting to make a ton of money from me. But I want to make sure that they get paid for their work.

So as a result, after the current videos in Next Uploads get funded, the new threshold for video will be $80-$200, with 75% of that going to the editor. The first video that will be put in this queue will be the Kami-Con Celebrity Family Feud, and that will be a $200 video, because I want to make sure that the editor gets a decent paycheck for what will likely me my most-viewed video of all time.

I should be able to get two Patreon videos up each month, so even during months when not a lot of other videos get funded, you should at least see twice as much from me on Youtube as you’re seeing now.

Thanks as always for your support.