I’m currently booking events for 2023.

If you’re interested in having Greggo’s Game Shows at your event, please keep the following in mind:

  • If you are wishing to include other special guests on my game shows, you must first ask them if they are willing to appear. If they give the go ahead, you can ask for the specific game.
  • You must provide appropriate prize support for the games you wish me to produce for you. 

Here are the basic requirements to have me at your event:

  • Travel cost to and from the event. This includes gas, tolls and parking or flight with bag fee.
  • Lodging for the day before and for each day of your event.
  • An appearance fee of $250 for each day you wish me to provide game shows at your event. (This gets you 2 shows per day.)
  • Food per diem along the lines of what you are offering your other guests (or use of the guest lounge).
  • Appropriate prize support, as mentioned above.
  • A small table in your vendor room, artist alley or “convention swap” hallway.

Depending on your specific event, there may be other requirements. I’ll be sure to clarify this after you reach out!

Please use the following form to express your interest in booking Greggo’s Game Shows at your event, and thank you!


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