In Memoriam: Amy Howard Wilson

Two weeks ago we lost Amy Howard Wilson, voice of Nova from Star Blazers and convention mainstay for many years. When she told me she had been a contestant on The $10,000 Pyramid back in the seventies, I told her I would love to make an anime convention version of Pyramid for her to play as a celebrity guest. She loved the idea, and I would debut The Â¥25,000 Pyramid in 2003 at Anime Weekend Atlanta alongside Bruce Lewis, who we’ve also sadly lost.

I don’t have much video from back then, but I do have an episode of Match Game and an episode of Pyramid from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012. I will share them here as a way to remember Amy doing what she loved, entertaining fans worldwide. Amy will be missed.

Amy Howard Wilson on Pyramid at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
Amy Howard Wilson on Match Game at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012