If you are a previous purchaser of my software and would like to order a customization as a commission, here is the page to request that.

Current turnaround for commissions is two weeks, but that will change as the schedule fills up. As a general rule, I will only be booking six hours’ worth of customization work per week, because I have a full-time job and can only devote so much of my extra time to other work.

The cost for customization is $25/hour, paid in advance.

Customizations can only be done for now on currently-existing software. I do not have the time nor energy to create a new project from scratch unless it’s something I’m working on to use for my own purposes. You must have previously purchased the software you’d like customized.

Use the form below to request a customization. If it’s a request I’m able to fulfill, I will email an invoice to the address provided. Once the invoice is paid, I will add your customization to the schedule. You can keep up with the status of your customization here; once your work is done and the final product is delivered, I will remove it from the schedule.


Not currently working on a commission, hit me up!
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