Interesting in using Greggo’s Game Shows software for your event? Now you can!
Some of it is currently available on my Etsy store. I’m in the process of making most of these available there, but everything on this list can be had by contacting me.

The following software is available for licensing, either on a one-time or perpetual basis:

All-Star Blitz
Blockbusters (NEW as of 1/12/2019)
Chain Reaction
Classic Concentration
*Sale of the Century (NEW as of 1/12/2019)
The Joker’s Wild
Tic Tac Dough

*This software uses the “Winner’s Board” bonus round utilized by our version of the show. We recommend watching one of our videos to see how the game is played.

For other games, contact us. We’re in the process of making many of our other games available in a standalone format.

If you have a Windows-based, keyboard-operated device and are interested, please contact me: