Interested in using Greggo’s Game Shows software for your event? Now you can!
The following software is available for licensing right now, either on a one-time or perpetual basis.

If you’d like to try a demo to see if my software works on your device, you can find a Feud demo here:

All-Star Blitz
Card Sharks (main game and Money Cards scoreboard only)
Chain Reaction
Countdown (clock and scoreboards)
Deal or No Deal (toteboard/deal offerer only)
Deal or No Deal UK version (toteboard/deal offerer only)
Double Dare (clock)
Family Feud (demo can be found here)
Greed (money ladder only)
High Rollers
Hollywood Squares
Jeopardy! (for four players)
Joker’s Wild
Match Game
Panel Quiz Attack 25 (scoreboard/buzzer system only)
Password Plus
Play Your Cards Right (main game and Points for Prizes scoreboard only)
Press Your Luck (can also be customized here)
*Sale of the Century
Super Password
The Chase (scoreboard only)
The Price is Right (Contestants Row and Showcase Showdown only)
Three on a Match
Tic Tac Dough
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (money ladder only)

*This software uses the “Winner’s Board” bonus round utilized by our version of the show. We recommend watching one of our videos to see how the game is played.

For other games, contact us. Some games are available on a one-time license basis, where we’ll need to edit it each and every time you’d like to use it.

If you have a Windows-based, keyboard-operated device and are interested, please contact me: