Why not Card Sharks?

Enough of you have expressed yourselves on this topic that I thought it was time to address it.

Years ago, I made a “gentleman’s agreement” with other groups who do what I do for conventions. If one of these groups pulled the trigger on a format, I wouldn’t make my own version of the same format. There was a lot of controversy between us all about Press Your Luck. My version was first, but all of those other groups also did their own version. This agreement was to avoid further problems.

Lost Silver Productions (formerly Sonic Whammy Enterprises) has been doing Card Sharks at conventions in the NY/NJ area for several years now. You guys have been asking me to do my take on the game for a long time, so I ultimately decided to ask them if they’d mind if I did Play Your Cards Right.

It’s the same show with two changes, neither of which takes anything away from the gameplay. You’re still turning cards over. You’re still predicting higher or lower. It’s the same game.

They generously said yes, I could do PYCR and there’d be no issue.  So I debuted it, very successfully, last weekend.

And there are still those of you who are asking me why it isn’t Card Sharks.

I can guarantee that live audience (the audience that I do this job for primarily) couldn’t have cared less whether it was Play Your Cards Right or Card Sharks. It was a fun show, and as you can tell from the audience, they were having a great time.

If you have issue because the game I’m doing isn’t the exact game show you want, perhaps you forget why I do this job in the first place. My job is to entertain convention attendees. I make 95% of my annual income from convention attendees. I make $300 a year from Youtube.  Almost all of my Patrons are convention attendees.

I’m sorry I’m not doing the exact game show you like, but if you can’t see beyond the coat of paint and realize that the games are almost exactly the same, and are just as fun, then you’re really missing the point of why I do what I do.

Sorry for the rant, but these comments have been going since the very first time I said I’d do PYCR.

Best to everyone.


New video: Debut of Play Your Cards Right

It’s been a solid month since the last activity here, mainly because I’ve been at a convention every single weekend over that time!

To make up for it, here’s a debut game show, from last weekend’s Zenkaikon. It’s Play Your Cards Right!


Part two will go up at some point this weekend. Thanks as always!

Gearing up for Anime St. Louis and Tekko, need your help!

Busy day is busy!

I still need a bunch of people surveyed for Pointless: Pokémon, which I’ll be featuring at Tekko in a few weeks and Anime St. Louis shortly thereafter. If you have some spare time today and haven’t answered these questions already, please do so! (And please do not study up to answer any of these questions; they are timed and I need them to be “off the top of your head.”) Thanks so much!








Fact Sheet: Play Your Cards Right

The newest game show in my lineup, Play Your Cards Right is based on the UK version of the classic television game show Card Sharks. Fans have been asking me to do this game for a while, but another group has been successfully hosting Card Sharks for a while now, and I typically don’t like doing game shows that other groups did first. Playing the game by the UK rules, though, it’s different enough that they’re fine with it. It will make its debut at Zenkaikon this year.

Two couples face off against each other in this game for control of their cards. Prior to the show we surveyed 100 people and asked them all sorts of questions related to fandom. The couples’ job is to guess how many out of 100 answered a certain way. Each time one couple makes a guess, the other couple guesses whether the correct answer is higher or lower. If they’re right, they get control of their cards and must guess whether each card in their line is higher or lower than the one before it. If they make it to the end without making a mistake they win the game and a bonus prize! Win two out of three and the couple heads to the Points for Prizes bonus game, where points make prizes! (Bruce Forsyth: “What do points make?” Audience: “PRIZES!”)


This game requires 90 minutes including setup time.  It requires the use of projector and screen (VGA/HDMI and minijack). A minimum of two microphones is requested (three is ideal). Stage layout includes one table for the contestants (placed at stage left or stage right) and two 6- or 8-foot tables placed at center stage or as near to it as possible, where we’ll be dealing and displaying the cards for the game.

Preferred title for the schedule:

Greggo’s Game Shows: Play Your Cards Right

Program book description:

It’s a new Greggo’s game show, based on predictions! We’ve asked 100 fans a series of survey questions prior to the show, and it’s up for you and your partner to correctly predict what those 100 people said! If you’re right, and then you Play Your Cards Right, you’ll have the chance to win lots of lovely loot! We’re looking for two couples to play this game; make sure you’re there at the beginning of the show and you might be chosen!

Prize support recommendation:

A maximum of $120 worth of prizes. While this can sometimes be supplemented by my own prize support, it is recommended that the convention supplies prizes whenever possible. It is acceptable to offer gift certificates equal to the “cash value” won by the contestants in this game. Gift certificates may be requisitioned and acquired by the convention after the end of the event and sent to the winners.