New upload: Anime Price is Right from Kami-Con 2016

Thanks to my friends over at Vitamin H, here’s a fully-edited video from several years ago. It’s Anime Price is Right from Kami-Con 2016. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to be able to get more game show videos edited and up in the near future.

Part One

Part Two


Now booking for 2023!

With events coming back, and with my schedule back into some semblance of order, I am now booking convention appearances for 2023.

I will be reaching out to certain events where I’ve hosted game shows before, but if you are an event organizer or are in charge of guest acquisition for an event or convention and would be interested in having me appear to host game shows there, please feel free to reach out via my booking page!

Commissions are open!

As promised, today I’m opening commissions for software customization.

If you have previously purchased software from me and would like to have it customized, here is the link for you. (The link is also viewable as “Commissions” on the side menu.)

I am only customizing software for now; I don’t have the time or energy to start a new project from scratch. I’m currently working on software to host a convention version of Tenable.

Thanks as always!

A very tentative, very slow, very deliberate return. (Don’t call it a comeback.)

As of today (July 9, 2021) I have repaid my debt to society and am free to continue life on life’s terms.

Over the last two and a half years I have integrated back into the community, first by taking a job as a newspaper carrier, then volunteering at a local food pantry as my community service, and now as a full-time employee of said food pantry. I have come a long way from where I was on that night in October 2018. And I know I still have a long way to go.

Having said that, I am tentatively looking at the possibility of doing some game shows on a very limited basis if there is still a want for my services.

I have submitted two panels to Tsubasacon this October. If they are accepted I’ll be attending as a panelist (uncompensated) hosting two game shows: Press Your Luck and a new game based on the UK show Tenable.

I’m also announcing today that I’m making myself available to host game shows at conventions beginning in 2022. There will be restrictions at first: I don’t want to travel more than four hours’ drive from home in Morgantown, WV, so that it won’t negatively affect my new job and so that my lovely girlfriend and assistant can join me. I will be asking for a small appearance fee to compensate for the amount of work these shows will entail. I will also ask that conventions give at least three months lead time with any invitations, so that I can prepare accordingly. And although I still have prizes left over from before my retirement, I will lean hard on conventions for help providing prize support.

I will be hesitant on doing any game shows with other guests at first until I get a feel for how I’m perceived among folks in the industry. I know there will be people out there who will never be willing to share a stage with me, and that’s completely okay and expected.

I have no expectations that I will get invited to any conventions at this time, and that’s also completely okay. I won’t reopen the booking page for a few days, instead gauging interest from any responses this blog post may get, both good and bad. I would like the opportunity to entertain fans again, but I also understand that that may not be in the cards at this time. Either way, thank you for your continued support. I appreciate each and every one of you.

-Greg Wicker, Greggo’s Game Shows

In Memoriam: Amy Howard Wilson

Two weeks ago we lost Amy Howard Wilson, voice of Nova from Star Blazers and convention mainstay for many years. When she told me she had been a contestant on The $10,000 Pyramid back in the seventies, I told her I would love to make an anime convention version of Pyramid for her to play as a celebrity guest. She loved the idea, and I would debut The ¥25,000 Pyramid in 2003 at Anime Weekend Atlanta alongside Bruce Lewis, who we’ve also sadly lost.

I don’t have much video from back then, but I do have an episode of Match Game and an episode of Pyramid from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012. I will share them here as a way to remember Amy doing what she loved, entertaining fans worldwide. Amy will be missed.

Amy Howard Wilson on Pyramid at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
Amy Howard Wilson on Match Game at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012

Adobe Flash is dead. Long live Adobe Flash!

Hope everyone is staying safe. Wanted to give you an update in case you’ve been wondering how the “end of life” for Adobe Flash affects the software I create and that is still available for sale. For those who don’t know, as of January 12th Adobe, Windows and all web browsers have disabled Flash with a “kill code” that renders all .swf files unplayable in updated Flash players.

Long story short, I’ve started including a standalone Flash player of the same vintage as the 2003 compiler I use to make the software. It’s unaffected by the “kill code” and still runs my software just fine. No guarantee it will work on anything made with Flash software of a newer vintage, but it runs all of mine with no problem.

If you have previously purchased software from me and would like the player, please contact me at jgwicker at gmail dot com and I will make it available for you.

I am also in the process of making all my Etsy software also available on eBay in physical form, shipped on a thumb drive that includes the Flash player.

Thanks as always!

Happy New Year!

As much of a dumpster fire as 2020 was, I can find some things to be grateful for:

I successfully had my lipoma removed. I feel and look so much better without that NERF football stuck in the back of my neck.

Despite the impending heat death of Adobe Flash, I still had a fairly robust year of software sales, keeping things going financially.

Another completed year of sobriety. It still seems unreal that I haven’t taken a drink of alcohol in over two years.

I didn’t participate in any significant amount of drama…sobriety is likely a huge component of that.

My family has avoided COVID-19. We lost a couple of friends to complications related to the pandemic, but all of us will have emerged unscathed this year.

And most importantly, I have a close group of friends and family who are still around, still supportive, and who still mean more to me than just about anything else.Thanks as always. See you in 2021.

How to support Greggo’s Game Shows

Hi guys!

I haven’t mentioned this in a very long while but it’s still a thing that exists, so I’ll throw it out there…if you’ve ever had an inclination to support Greggo’s Game Shows, I do have a Ko-Fi account that you can find here:

Obviously considering everything that’s happened and considering the world right now I don’t expect a thing from this, but any and all support is definitely appreciated.

Have a great week!

New software: Range Game

Hi there!

I’m in the process of working on more pricing games for The Price is Right software, but things are going slowly, so I’ve decided to add them “a la carte” for now as they’re finished. Range Game is available now! Here’s a link to it in the Etsy shop:

As more games are available they’ll be added one by one, with “Pricing Game Pack 2” available once six are finished. But you can play Range Game in your game now! Thanks and enjoy!