How to support Greggo’s Game Shows

Hi guys!

I haven’t mentioned this in a very long while but it’s still a thing that exists, so I’ll throw it out there…if you’ve ever had an inclination to support Greggo’s Game Shows, I do have a Ko-Fi account that you can find here:

Obviously considering everything that’s happened and considering the world right now I don’t expect a thing from this, but any and all support is definitely appreciated.

Have a great week!


New software: Range Game

Hi there!

I’m in the process of working on more pricing games for The Price is Right software, but things are going slowly, so I’ve decided to add them “a la carte” for now as they’re finished. Range Game is available now! Here’s a link to it in the Etsy shop:

As more games are available they’ll be added one by one, with “Pricing Game Pack 2” available once six are finished. But you can play Range Game in your game now! Thanks and enjoy!


New software available April 10th: Three on a Match

Thanks to the request of a frequent customer (and a lot of free time on my hands), Three on a Match software will be available in the Etsy shop beginning Friday, April 10th. The retail price will be $59.99, but as with all major releases now, it will be available at a 20% discount through its first weekend of release (and will be included in the current “Virtual Con” sale afterwards at a 15% discount).