Farkle software added to the Etsy store!

My most requested game show software is now available for purchase in the Etsy shop. It’s Farkle! Find it here:


If you want to host a game of Farkle but don’t know the exact rules, I wrote a rules bible that you can find here:


And here’s the software in action!


Software megapost

A few of you have been asking about specific titles, so I thought I’d take some time to make a post about what software is available, what I’m working on to be available, and what probably isn’t going to be made available.

First: What’s already available for purchase now in my Etsy store:

All-Star Blitz
Chain Reaction
Hollywood Squares
Pointless Game Board

Second: What’s currently available but hasn’t yet been put in the Etsy store:

Card Sharks (main game and Money Cards scoreboard only)
Farkle (need to write a rules bible for this before it goes on Etsy)
Panel Quiz Attack 25 (scoreboard and buzzers only, no puzzles)
Play Your Cards Right (main game and Points for Prizes scoreboard only)
Sale of the Century (need to figure out customization options for the Fame Game)
Strikeout (need to write a rules bible)

Third: Software I need to tweak before it’s ready:

Bullseye (need to make the “visual” screen read outside images)
Family Feud (need to make the “families” opening screen editable and add faceoff)
Joker’s Wild (need to make the “visual” screen read outside images)
Match Game (need to remake the Super Match round)
Pyramid (need to alter a graphic)
Super Password (need to convert from yen to dollars)
Three on a Match (need to make it read outside text files)
Tic Tac Dough (need to make the “visual” screen read outside images)
Wheel of Fortune puzzle board (need to make it read outside text files)

Finally: Software that probably won’t be made available and reasons why:

Jeopardy! (There are a million Powerpoints out there much easier to run.)
Know Your Role (Everything’s hard-coded and not worth the time to make ready.)
Line ‘Em Up (Everything is hard-coded into the .fla program.)
Pointless main game (Hard-coded and made from scratch for every show.)
Pok√©mon Game Show (I’m crazy but I’m not insane.)
Ponyville Derby (Hard-coded and not worth the time to make ready.)
Press Your Luck (Everything of note is hard-coded into the .fla program.)
Stop the Music! (Requires too many external files to be easy to use)
The Price is Right (I made this from scratch for every show.)
Wheel of Fortune wheel/scoreboard (Too much is hard-coded in the .fla.)

Some of the software in the final category might be available for a one-time use. I’ve talked to a few of you already about this.

If you have any questions you can feel free to contact me through social media or directly at jgwicker at gmail dot com.

Software update

I’ve added Blockbusters and Sale of the Century to the software available for licensing. The Sale of the Century software utilizes the “Winner’s Board” bonus game we played at conventions, which you can see at the end of this video:

If you’re interested in licensing either of these games, please contact me.


Site is back up for now, with commenting removed.

Some of the videos that have been hidden have been restored. For a lot of the restored videos, they were donation or Patreon incentives so I felt they should still be up (though with commenting removed). I’ve also asked the editors who’ve been compensated if they will complete the remaining incentive videos (on their own time).

Some people have expressed an interest in software. That link is active.

Nothing else new to report for now. Hope this post answers some questions you’ve had. I can’t comment on anything else at this time publicly.