(Thanks to Patrick Delahanty and animecons.com for the great interview!)

I’ve been two things my entire life: an entertainer and a nerd. I’ve been hosting game shows in one form or another since I was five years old, beginning with “Family Feud” games on the chalkboard in preschool. When I attended my first anime convention in 1998 and sat in on a trivia show put on by a well-meaning but not particularly audience-friendly group, I decided I’d give it a go. “Anime Match Game” would debut the next year at the same convention.

Eighteen years later, I’m still doing it.

At last count I’ve hosted game shows at events in 28 states, along with France and Canada, entertaining as many audiences as possible, doing what I do best. I’ve still got a ways to go to catch famed anime voice actor and convention veteran Tiffany Grant, whose goal is to do a convention in every state, but I’m working on it.

And besides, Wyoming still doesn’t have an anime convention.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Greg.

    I’ve been watching your work for five years and since then, you’ve struck a cord with me. Your hosting and versions of popular game shows are the reasons why I’ve created and host a local game show (Windsor,ON,Canada incidentally). With a fresh, relevant host like yourself, that’s rarely seen on TV these days and your fans will agree you should of been on TV already.

    In closing, I want to thank you for the entertainment, what you do for viewers and conventions around the nations and for giving me the inspiration to fulfill my childhood goal of creating and hosting a local game show (and I’m only 19 years old).

    Keep up the great work for years to come.


  2. Hi Greggo. My name is Alex, and I was one who won your game show involving Pokemon at Tri-Con 2016 (I was Dirk). You gave me your contact card, but sadly since I had to move suddenly I cannot access it. If you could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it.


  3. Hi, Greggo! I’m Rachel Osterloh and I was your winner in the Pokémon trivia game at Con Alt Delete and I know this is like months and months later, but I lost the contact card and I kept forgetting about it. I couldn’t exactly find it on this website so. I’m honestly really sorry this is so late and all. I feel really bad that I’m just now getting to it.


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