Happy New Year!

As much of a dumpster fire as 2020 was, I can find some things to be grateful for:

I successfully had my lipoma removed. I feel and look so much better without that NERF football stuck in the back of my neck.

Despite the impending heat death of Adobe Flash, I still had a fairly robust year of software sales, keeping things going financially.

Another completed year of sobriety. It still seems unreal that I haven’t taken a drink of alcohol in over two years.

I didn’t participate in any significant amount of drama…sobriety is likely a huge component of that.

My family has avoided COVID-19. We lost a couple of friends to complications related to the pandemic, but all of us will have emerged unscathed this year.

And most importantly, I have a close group of friends and family who are still around, still supportive, and who still mean more to me than just about anything else.Thanks as always. See you in 2021.