Recent software additions

Since Match Game was added last month, I have added new presentation software to the Etsy store: Press Your Luck, Card Sharks, Sale of the Century and Bullseye.

Press Your Luck comes in two different varieties: a standalone version that features prizes culled from recent game shows, and a version that you can have me customize with your own board configurations and prizes. If you purchase the standalone version first, you can add my customization to it at a later time with this link.


The software for Card Sharks includes the podiums where you can host your own Hi-Lo questions and a scoreboard for the Money Cards. This software works as a supplement for your own giant playing cards (and can even be used for the new version of the show). You can find the link to the Card Sharks software here.


Sale of the Century uses the “Winner’s Board” I created specifically for a one-off event, since the original game show required games to straggle as the player proceeded down the path towards the grand prize. You can find Sale of the Century here.


Finally, the very first game show software I wrote for my return to conventions in 2009 is available in the Etsy shop. It will allow you to host a game of Bullseye, the short-lived but memorable B+E game of knowledge and daring. You can get Bullseye here.