Software bits and bobs

I’ve been taking a few custom orders for software and have added some components that might be of interest.  All of these are available in my Etsy store for purchase.

First of all, I’ve made my faceoff podium from Family Feud available. You can use this as a simple 2-player keyboard buzzer for your own game or presentation. Find it here.

Second, I’ve created a scoreboard that emulates the look and feel of the contestants’ podium from “The Chase.” You can find it here.

I’ve also got a generic 4-player scoreboard that you can use for most any trivia game, with a selection of fonts to suit your need. That’s available here.

Finally, I’ve made a ladder similar to the one that was used on “Greed.” It has fully customizable text you can use for your own trivia tournament games. Find it here.

I’m in the process of uploading more things, so make sure to check out the shop for new listings!