Successful fundraiser, and a brief survey about the next one

Hello, everyone!

The Indiegogo campaign ended, and including outside contributions we hit our goal of $600, which means that six videos have been paid for and will be sent to editors by the end of November. I am awaiting payment from Indiegogo, at which time I will be able to send video and payment to each of my three editors for them to begin working on the remaining uploads for the fall. Thank you so much for your generosity. Rewards will be fulfilled after receiving my payment from Indiegogo.

At least one of you who contributed at the $100 level requested an episode of a game show that doesn’t currently have footage, so I have added that game to the schedule of an upcoming con so that it will be available as a pledge incentive for the winter campaign. If there are more of you who are interested, I will make every effort to have episodes of that show ready to go by the end of February so that they can be included in the next fundraiser.

If you’re interested in certain game shows being played, take a look at the game list of active games, and then head over to this survey.

I appreciate everyone’s input as we work towards an exciting winter convention season!