What’s your favorite Greggo’s original?

Two weeks ago I conducted a poll asking you to name your favorite, second-favorite and least favorite “original” Greggo’s Game Shows. About forty of you responded and gave some really good feedback! I thank all of you for participating. Here are the results, giving games two points for being nominated as your favorite, one point for second-favorite and deducting one point for least favorite:

#1 Favorite: Farkle (42 points)

This game showed up as your favorite on 42% of the polls, least favorite on 0%.

Notable insights:
“…it FEELS like a 70s or 80s game show…”
“Great blend of having a look and feel of a traditional game show while being accessible to attendees, all while maintaining a great ‘play at home’ factor”
“I like the twist of the answers sometimes having nothing to do with the common thread. The rules are easy to follow, and there’s definitely plenty of suspense.”

#2 Favorite: Pokémon Game Show (28 points)

This game showed up as your favorite on 28% of the polls, least favorite on 13%.

Notable insights:
“Audience and player enthusiasm is a big part of what makes the Pokémon Game Show entertaining. Its play style makes it feel like a classic game show even though it’s original.”
“I love Pokémon Game Show due to its open concept as it allows for many different games to be played with the board, that way it keeps it fresh.”
“I always wondered if Classic Pokémon Game Show could be improved by asking one toss-up question to gain control, and then keep going in turn order until someone makes a match, to move the game a little faster. It just seems to drag when there’s a rash of questions that nobody knows–plus I think the true entertainment value of this game is when they get to play the board.”
One of you gave an overly-complicated way to “fix” the scoring for the game. I think I know which one of you made the post, and let me just mention that doing what you suggest would make it a 2-hour panel…it’s already almost too long as it is.

#3 Favorite: Know Your Role (11 points)

This game shows up as your favorite on 10% of the polls, least favorite on 5%.

Notable insights:
“Know Your Role is great with the question interaction and the rooting sections reminding me of Tattletales.”
“…Always hilarious, especially the look on their faces when they realize it’s them and they didn’t realize it.”

#4 Favorite: Stop The Music! (9 points)

This game shows up as your favorite on 10% of the polls, least favorite on 3%.

Notable insights:
“A good way to run an entertaining Name That Tune game. The original show’s format is just too difficult for con audiences.”
“There is almost NO play of it anymore.” (ed. Not true; it’s done about 10 times a year, I just can’t upload it to Youtube for fear of copyright strikes!)

#5 Favorite: Strikeout (9 points)

This game shows up as your favorite on 5% of the polls, least favorite on 5%.

Notable insights:
“It’s like Family Feud, but with the answers already given. Because all of the answers are already known, this encourages interaction with the crowd as they can suggest answers to the contestants.”
“A great theme with the baseball motif along with its game concept that makes it exciting.”
“Viewers at home can play too.”

Of the remaining games, Face Off earned a whopping 1 point and was voted least favorite on 13% of the polls. Shut the TARDIS!! and Ponyville Derby both scored well in the negative, and combined they were only the favorites on one poll while showing up as least favorite 55% of the time. I was expecting this of those two fandom-specific games; if you’re not a fan of My Little Pony: FIM or Doctor Who then these games won’t appeal to you, which is why they only get played at conventions with a large fan base.  Counting Pokémon, two-thirds of you voted themed games as your least favorite.

I will definitely be taking this feedback into consideration when it comes to which game shows get more play at conventions in 2019 and which game shows get put forth for funding for Youtube in future. Thanks so much for your input!