Dropping Patreon

Apparently over the past 48 hours, due to Patreon moving their payment operations overseas, a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of patrons have had their payments flagged, declined or triggered as fraud. While it didn’t affect me as much as it did other creators, I’ve decided that this is the last straw with Patreon, so after this month, all videos will be individually funded through Indiegogo, Ko-Fi, and through direct contributions.

Those of you who supported me on Patreon last month have still contributed to two uploads for August, which are mentioned on my “next uploads” page. Those are still on track. For all future videos, I will have a list of ones you can contribute to; once they are funded, the footage will be sent to the editors and your name will appear in the credits.

More details to come over the weekend; this is my last weekend before a stretch of four consecutive convention weekends, so the intention is to have everything set up and ready to roll for this new funding approach before leaving for Otakon.

Thanks as always for your support!


2 thoughts on “Dropping Patreon

  1. Have you thought of setting up a membership site for your game show videos and have us pay you each month to access them?


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