Match Game retired

In 1999 I hosted my very first game show at an anime convention. “Anime Match Game” debuted at A-Kon nearly twenty years ago, and became a staple of that con and in my lineup for the next six years.  On the whole I’ve probably hosted the game upwards of fifty times since then.

It’s now 2018, and in a time where this country is divided more than it’s been in a long time, people tend to be overly sensitive about certain topics, many of which make for easy questions to write for the show. I no longer feel comfortable writing those sorts of questions, nor do I feel like I’m doing enough due diligence with the celebrity guests playing the game if I put one on the show and they inadvertently (or purposefully) say or do something that will hurt their career down the road. I don’t want to be responsible for that, so as of today, Match Game is retired.

You can see my updated game list here. Thanks for understanding.


One thought on “Match Game retired

  1. I look at this a couple of ways. It’s been well documented in its history that Match Game works best when it’s not afraid to write itself into that double entendre corner. Unfortunately, where they kept guidelines in the 70s to not say those dirty offensive answers, that’s been out the window since the previous Match Game back in 98. And that reflects on us as a people that we have no filter anymore.

    Having said that, I’m getting a little tired of this Hollywood witch hunt where people said something theoretically offensive a long time ago and they’re being punished for it today. It’s as if to say once you say it, that’s how you have always acted, thought, etc your whole life. Are there true scum celebrities, of course. But not everyone who makes one off color comment, no matter if it’s right now or 20 years ago, should be painted with that same brush. And it’s a shame that a classic game like Match Game has to suffer because it could cause one of those awkward moments “down the road”.

    Bottom line: It’s a shame to lose this game, but we’re smarter than this as a people, and it should never have reached this point.


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