January update

Been a little while since my last one of these, but figured I’d give you the scoop on how I’m looking so far in the “make or break” year.

Based on my annual goals for this year, after January I am about 6.5% down from my target for income from convention appearances. February will push that number well into the positive, but with only the one booking in March I look to finish Q1 down by about 16%. The part-time job covered about half of that, but that ended last week.

I had great tables at both Anime-Zap! and Kami-Con, so at the moment I’m a robust 300% over the target I’d set for both conventions combined. If this trend continues any slack from missed bookings can be made up here.

Patreon is a bit down from where I need it to be, but it looks like I’ve managed to hire some editors to pick up the slack, so if everything goes according to plan I should get a second video up each month from Patreon, which will get the number up to the target. Right now I’m about 5% down from where I want to be.

Between contributions and software sales, in January I was 46% down from what I was hoping to bring in. I potentially have at least one client interested in picking up some software this week, however, so February looks like it’s already on the right track.

Putting everything together, based on what I was hoping to make in January from Greggo’s Game Shows, I am currently 10% up on the annual goal. This month I have three conventions and a trip to West Virginia to make moving arrangements, so there’s not going to be a lot of between-time to do a lot of legwork, but with my newly-hired editors I should hopefully be able to do a little more with video than I’ve been doing recently.

Finally, some good news and bad news on the convention front: Last week I signed a contract for a convention I haven’t been to for a little while. I should be able to announce it soon. The bad news: I won’t be back at Anime Blues Con this year, as the staff have decided to take a year off from me. Hopefully I’ll be able to return in 2019 if the stars align.

That was the month of January! Today I get on a plane to Jersey for Wicked Faire. Hope to see some of you there!