Game show retiring! New one coming!

Hope you’ve had a safe weekend, everyone! We had some interesting weather in the Charlotte area.

Today I’m announcing that after this weekend’s Con Alt Delete, I will no longer be hosting Jeopardy! at anime conventions.  It may pop up from time to time in Celebrity form or at media or comic shows, but this will be the last anime-themed one I put together.

The reasoning is simple: I’ve more or less exhausted a lot of the great categories over the years, and it’s getting harder and harder and taking longer and longer to come up with 61 clues for a game of Jeopardy! in the limited universe anime provides. And since it’s a show that airs on television currently, it’s ineligible for Youtube based on my current policy without contribution incentives, and when it comes to trivia games, I’d much rather put other things online. So rather than spend half of a day writing a single game show, I’ll be much happier using that time interacting with fans and writing shows that are more fulfilling to me as a creator.

In other news, I’ve made arrangements with Home Game Enterprizes to produce six episodes of the Scrabble game show utilizing their software. It’s not a currently airing program so would be eligible without contribution incentives and should be a fun show to write and perform, and lots of fun for home audiences to play along with our contestants! It should debut in the spring.

For those of you in the Chicago area, hope to see you next weekend for the series finale and four other games!


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