October update

Lots of new things to talk about here.

Patreon has been changed from “per month” to “per video,” as promised. All current Patrons whose payments have successfully processed for last month have been advised to update their pledges.

I’ve added a new page that you can access from the menu called “Next uploads.” From here you can see what the next scheduled Youtube upload will be, as well as a list of contribution incentives. If you’d like to contribute towards one of those incentives, head to my Help page here, make a contribution, and let me know which incentive you’re contributing towards. Once it hits its goal, it will be put into the queue. As a reminder from Friday’s post, videos of game shows parodying a show currently airing on television will not be monetized and will only be considered via this contribution incentive.

With these changes, it’s going to be more difficult to project how things are going for 2018, since I really can’t track Patreon or contributions until we click over to 2018. I will mention that I have had no new invitations over the past month, so I’m still sitting at 46% of what I will need to earn from conventions in order to continue past next year.

I currently have 11 confirmed convention invitations for 2018:

Anime-Zap! (Peoria, IL)
Kami-Con (Birmingham, AL)
Kanpai!Con (Omaha, NE)
Con Nooga (Chattanooga, TN)
JAMPCon (Chattanooga, TN)
Zenkaikon (Lancaster, PA)
AniMinneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)
Anime Midwest (Chicago, IL)
Anime-Zing (Davenport, IA)
Metacon (Minneapolis, MN)
Tsubasacon (Huntington, WV)

Hopefully I’ll have better news for you next month. Remember, if you represent a convention and would like to have me do game shows for you, shoot me an email here!

Thanks as always!


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