Copyright strike issued

Earlier tonight, I received a copyright strike and had a video taken down from Youtube. The video in question was the Starcade episode I put together from Anime Apocalypse 2016. The company that issued the strike was JM Productions, the original producers of Starcade. As they’ve recently reached a deal with Shout Factory, it should come as no surprise that this happened, and as I more or less used every possible asset that there is to use in the making of the video, I have no argument against what JM Productions are certainly well within their rights to do. The video is gone, the one that we filmed at Anime Milwaukee 2017 will not be edited or uploaded, and the game is now officially retired from my lineup.

Under no circumstances are any of you to contact them to complain. If further trouble comes from this, and one of you is responsible for said trouble, consider yourself no longer a fan of Greggo’s Game Shows.

Stepping on my soapbox for a minute, let me say this to everyone who does what I do. The more accurate you make your game show programming, the closer you get to having this done to you as well. Fortunately for me, the company that issued the strike was one where I only had one infringing video. If it had been literally any other company, I’d have gotten enough copyright strikes to wipe my channel from the face of the earth. It could happen to any of us, and no amount of hand-wringing changes the fact that we don’t own these shows or any of the assets we use.

I know those of you who are game show “purists” won’t like to hear this, but there may come a time where in order to make fun stuff like the things I make and make them available to a worldwide audience, they may have to be complete parodies with different names, different assets, different music. They won’t be exactly like the shows you love. And I know for some of you, that will be an instant turn-off. At the end of the day, though, we don’t have the right to use any of the things we do. Never have, never will. And all it takes is for the company that DOES own those rights to exercise them, and that’s it for us.



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