Fact Sheet: Wipeout

Wipeout will make its debut at Tsubasacon 2017 (making this the second consecutive Tsubasa where a new game show debuted). Yet another take on the “trivia game with a twist,” Wipeout’s twist is that the three contestants are shown all the correct answers to a question before it’s asked! They are also shown some incorrect answers, however…and choosing one of those wipes out the player’s score! It’s a game of strategy, knowing when to play, when to pass and when to take a risk to set your opponents up for failure!

As the game has yet to debut, here’s a sample episode of the UK version. The version I’ll be doing will be similar to this one, only the stakes will be higher with each successive answer (100 yen for the first one, 200 for second, up to 1100 yen for the final correct answer):

(Thanks to GGS fan UzumakiPavel for uploading this video!)


This game requires 90 minutes including setup time.  It requires the use of a projector and screen (VGA/HDMI and minijack).  A minimum of two microphones (four is preferred) is requested. Recommended stage layout includes one long table at stage right for the contestants and a lectern and additional small table for the host if available. There are a total of four onstage participants including the contestants and host.

Preferred title for the schedule:

Greggo’s Game Shows: Wipeout

Program book description:

Greggo presents his newest trivia game, Wipeout! It’s the game that’s so easy, we give you all the answers! Not all of them are the CORRECT answers, though…you have to find the right ones to earn prize money! Find the wrong one…and your score is wiped out! Make it through to the end and you face our challenging bonus game which can really pay off! Contestants will be chosen at the beginning so make sure you’re there!

Prize support:

A maximum of $100 worth of prizes; badges to other (or you own) conventions can be acquired to give away as prizes. While this can sometimes be supplemented by my own prize support, it is recommended that the convention supplies prizes whenever possible. It is acceptable to offer gift certificates equal to the “cash value” won by the contestants in this game. Gift certificates may be requisitioned and acquired by the convention after the end of the event and sent to the winners.


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