Policy update regarding nonphysical prizes

Hi everyone!

Recently there have been some clerical errors that have led to delays in prize awards. I’ll blame those errors on myself for not expressing a more clearly-defined policy on “nonphysical” prize awards such as convention badges or streaming account prizes. I’ll be clarifying that policy today here, and will make note prior to any contestant-selection process what the exact prize award policy is.

Effective today, only the contestant who wins the prize may utilize it. Any convention badge or streaming account (or other nonphysical prize that may be awarded in future) will be considered non-transferable, and the contestant’s information will be collected immediately after the show where the prize was won.

Due to this policy, potential contestants are discouraged from participating in any game show where the grand prize is something they will not be able to utilize. For example: the grand prize of Pokémon Game Show is a free admission to the next year’s con. If you already receive free admission to the convention by other means (staff, panelist, guest, et cetera) you will be asked not to participate in the game so that only those that can utilize the prize will be able to play for it.  Also for example: Stop the Music! awards a Crunchyroll subscription to the winner. In order to participate, you must personally accept the award for your own account (creating one if you don’t already have one), and will be asked to provide your email address and/or Crunchyroll ID immediately following the show.

Hopefully this new policy will allow for much less delay in the awarding of prizes and will cause less confusion in future.

Thanks for reading!


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