Why not Card Sharks?

Enough of you have expressed yourselves on this topic that I thought it was time to address it.

Years ago, I made a “gentleman’s agreement” with other groups who do what I do for conventions. If one of these groups pulled the trigger on a format, I wouldn’t make my own version of the same format. There was a lot of controversy between us all about Press Your Luck. My version was first, but all of those other groups also did their own version. This agreement was to avoid further problems.

Lost Silver Productions (formerly Sonic Whammy Enterprises) has been doing Card Sharks at conventions in the NY/NJ area for several years now. You guys have been asking me to do my take on the game for a long time, so I ultimately decided to ask them if they’d mind if I did Play Your Cards Right.

It’s the same show with two changes, neither of which takes anything away from the gameplay. You’re still turning cards over. You’re still predicting higher or lower. It’s the same game.

They generously said yes, I could do PYCR and there’d be no issue.  So I debuted it, very successfully, last weekend.

And there are still those of you who are asking me why it isn’t Card Sharks.

I can guarantee that live audience (the audience that I do this job for primarily) couldn’t have cared less whether it was Play Your Cards Right or Card Sharks. It was a fun show, and as you can tell from the audience, they were having a great time.

If you have issue because the game I’m doing isn’t the exact game show you want, perhaps you forget why I do this job in the first place. My job is to entertain convention attendees. I make 95% of my annual income from convention attendees. I make $300 a year from Youtube.  Almost all of my Patrons are convention attendees.

I’m sorry I’m not doing the exact game show you like, but if you can’t see beyond the coat of paint and realize that the games are almost exactly the same, and are just as fun, then you’re really missing the point of why I do what I do.

Sorry for the rant, but these comments have been going since the very first time I said I’d do PYCR.

Best to everyone.



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