Fact Sheet: Know Your Role

Probably the most ambitious new game show I’ve created to date, Know Your Role’s debut was at AkaiCon this year. This can basically be described as “Inside the Actors Studio – The Game Show.” As guest Q&As at conventions have degenerated into two types of questions: “How do I become a voice actor?” and “Can you do this line in this voice?” I decided to create a guest Q&A that’s disguised as a game show. It can also be linked to a convention’s charity.

Three voice actors participate. Each has a “rooting section” in the audience that gets candy thrown at them during commercial breaks. If the game is being played with charity in mind, donations are also taken during these breaks.

The actors are given a series of clues that lead to a role that only one of the three of them performed over the years. They start general and get very specific, and are worth fewer points the longer it takes to figure it out. At the end of the game, a random person in the winning actor’s rooting section wins a prize.

Here’s the debut in action:

What I think is the greatest part of this game is the Q&A. Actors rarely ever get thought-provoking questions at the typical question and answer anymore; as fandom gets younger the questions get much and much simpler. The actual format borrows from seventies games Double Dare and Tattletales.


This game requires 90 minutes including setup time.  It requires the use of projector and screen (VGA/HDMI and minijack). A minimum of three microphones (four is preferred) is requested. Stage layout can include one large table or, two separate ones for the two teams of guests and contestants. A lectern may be provided as well. There are four onstage participants, and each will need a chair. Three convention guests, who must be actors, participate.

Preferred title for the schedule:

Greggo Presents: Know Your Role with (name of guests)

Program book description:

Join Greggo and three of our guests in a fun game where each of our actors has to figure out clues that lead them to roles they’ve played over the years! Make sure to sit in your favorite actor’s rooting section, because if they win, you could win a prize!

Prize support recommendation:

A “door prize” (a badge to next year’s con is acceptable, or something of similar value) is awarded to a random member of the winning actor’s rooting section.