Fact Sheet: Pyramid

Another of the longest-running game shows I’ve done, Pyramid debuted at Anime Weekend Atlanta back in 2003. It’s based on the classic game show that was hosted for most of its run by Dick Clark. It’s the most challenging guest game I’ve hosted, requiring everyone involved (including me!) to be quick-witted as they attempt to convey words and phrases to their partners in an effort to win one of the largest prizes offered on any of my games. At anime conventions it is called the ¥25,000 Pyramid.

I originally wanted to create this game show as a game for longtime AWA guest and Star Blazers voice actor Amy Howard-Wilson. Back in the seventies she was a contestant on the original $10,000 Pyramid so I thought this would be a fun way to pay homage to both her and the show. It wound up being a fun game to play live, and would be done at nearly every convention I hosted games at through the rest of the early 2000s. In 2004 I shifted the format to the Donny Osmond look, feel and rule set, but switched back to the classic Pyramid in 2010.


This game requires 90 minutes including setup time.  It requires the use of projector and screen (VGA/HDMI and minijack). A minimum of three microphones (five is preferred, two wireless) is requested. Stage layout can include one large table or, two separate ones for the two teams of guests and contestants. A lectern may be provided as well. There are five onstage participants, and each will need a chair. Two convention guests participate; it is preferred that at least one of them has played the game before at another event.

Tryout requirement:

This game has a tryout, which needs to be 60 minutes long and will preferably take place within three hours of the game’s start time.  The tryout can be in your smallest panel room.

Preferred title for the schedule:

Greggo Presents: Pyramid with (name of guests)

Program book description:

The classic game show where two teams of one contestant and one celebrity guest attempt to convey seven words and phrases to each other.  The winning team moves on to the Winner’s Circle for a shot at a huge payout!  Want to be a contestant?  Come to the tryout!  Check the schedule for its time and location!

Prize support recommendation:

The game features “cash” payouts.  The first bonus game could pay off around $100, and the last one could pay off around $250.  The game is very difficult, so we rarely have a big win, but it is possible.  There is also a “Mystery Seven” prize in the second game that can earn a contestant a bonus prize (usually a convention badge).  You can use your own prizes or, if you prefer, any amount won can be paid after the con and presented to the winner in a form of your choice (we prefer a Right Stuf gift certificate).  You may include badges to your convention as part of the grand prize.